Epic Games Launcher White Screen Issue Easy Fix

In this article, we are sharing with you all the easy methods to fix Epic Games Launcher White Screen Issue. 

Epic Games is one of the worlds most popular Video Games. Fortnite and Gear of Wars would be great examples to name. But with such an advanced game, comes errors too. One of the most common errors of Epic games is the White Screen Error.

So if you Play epic games and are facing the White screen issue, then here is how you can fix Epic Games launcher White Screen issue.

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Epic Games Launcher White Screen Issue Easy Fix

Epic Games Launcher White Screen Issue Easy Fix 1

  1. Restart PC.
  2. Check if your FireWall or Antivirus Software is blocking Epic Games Launcher.

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Solution 2. Delete Web Cache Folder

White Screen issue on Epic Games Launcher could also occur due to corrupted cached data. For this, it is important to delete such Cache Data. Here’s how you can do so –

  • Exit Epic Games Launcher. Make sure that it is not running in the background. You can stop it from Task Manager as well.
  • Now press Windows key + R together.
  • This will open Run Box.
  • Enter – “%localappdata%” in the run box. This will open File Explorer.
  • In this file Explorer, Open Epic Games Launcher Folder. 
  • Then from this folder, open Saved folder. 
  • Now click on the Web Cache folder and delete it.
  • Lastly, Rwstart your PC and see if the error still occurs.

Most of the times, this method solves white screen issue on Epic games Launcher.  However, if it wasn’t useful, you can try the below one.

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Solution 3. Adjust Monitor display setting 

At times, Improper Display Settongs can also result into Epic Games Launcher White Screen error. For this, you have to see that the Settings are proper.

  • To start with, firstly, right click on empty space on your desktop. It will open a menu.
  • Now click on the Display Settings. Then Display Settings property will open.
  • Simply, on the left panel, click on Display.
  • In the Scale and Layout section, see that the settings are set to recommended.
  • Do the same for “Display resolution field” and the “Change the size of text, apps, and other items.

These Display settings will help you fix White Screen Issue on Epic Games Launcher.

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I hope you could easily solve Epic Games Launcher White Screen Issue. In case you have any doubts or are still facing this issue, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Gaming:-)

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