Enable Google Camera 7.0 Astrophotography feature from Pixel 4

Google recently released the most awaited Night Sight feature with their Google Camera 6.1 APK from third-generation Pixel devices and it indeed created a Havoc. All the other manufacturers trying to match the levels are engaged in bringing this Night Sight feature on their Stock Apps. You will be surprised to know, even Apple is doing the same with the iPhone 11 Pro. But little to these OEMs know that Google likes to stay a step ahead.

This has been cleared by Google with the introduction of the amazing Astrophotography featured in the Latest Google Camera 7.0 for the forthcoming Pixel 4 devices. Now for those who have heard the term for the first-ever time, Astrophotography is nothing but the photography of stars.

Have no clue yet? This feature from Google will let you include more stars in your photos. You will see this feature hidden under the Night Sight feature option. To enable this mode, one will have to enable a few settings in the developer options and keep the phone very steady as well. Nothing to worry about as we have got the step-by-step process covered below. Follow the article –

Enable Google Camera 7.0 Astrophotography feature from Pixel 4

Download Google Camera 7.0 APK with Astrophotography Feature Enabled

If you follow Android Jungles, you will know that we have already covered the latest Gcam Mod 7.0 APK that is the latest Google Camera Mod apk. This latest apk comes with all the new amazing and exciting features and the best part is that it is supportive of the Astrophotography feature.

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Pixel 4 Gcam 7.0 APK Mod – Download Google Camera 7.0 APK Mod port for all phones

We recommend you to use the Original Google Camera 7.0 from Google Pixel 4 XL if you are on the earlier versions of Pixel devices like – 3, 3 XL, 2, 2XL, 1, 1 XL, and 3a (XL). And for the Android users other than Pixel phones, you will have to download the Pixel 4 GCam 7.0 Mod Apk from the link given above.

If you are interested, you can Download Google Pixel 4 Wallpapers from Leaked Images.

Enable Astro-Photography feature in Gcam 7.0 Pixel 4 mod

  • To begin with, download Google Camera mod from the links mentioned above.
  • Now Install and launch the Gcam app on your Android device.
  • Go to the Settings menu by swiping down.
  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Go to the bottom until you find Developer Settings. On some Gcam mods, the developer settings option will be seen under the option of About.
  • In the Developer Settings section, go down & enable the below options –


  • From the Main UI of Camera, choose the option of Night Sight.
  • You will now have to keep your phone very steady so as to enable the Astrophotography.
  • That is it. You can now all set to go for Astrophotography.
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