Download Samsung One UI 3.0 Apps on Any Samsung Devices

Download Samsung One UI 3.0 Apps: Although most of the Samsung mid-rangers did not receive One UI 2.1 yet, it looks like the company is not gonna let its flagship users down! Samsung’s One UI 3.0 is the next big update for their proprietary interface which will be grounded on Android 11.  This is a currently Pre-Beta phase of the program which actually refers to the closed beta, meaning a very unstable UI.

In any cases that you do not want to update to One UI 3.0 or if your Samsung device is not listed under One UI 3.0 supported yet, you can still download and use the latest Galaxy apps from One UI 3.0. Thanks to the XDA Recognised Developer AlexisXDA who ported the latest One UI 3.0 apps to all the Galaxy devices running One UI 2.0 or above.


But do note that this port is made available in two flashable ZIP files meaning you will have to unlock the bootloader of your Samsung device and use any custom recovery like TWRP. Unlocking the bootloader voids the warranty and causes a lot of security problems too. So, it is recommended to do a bit of research before performing any of the below-mentioned steps.

If you are wondering why the port is made available in two ZIP files, the first one is to remove the existing stock One UI apps and the second one is to install and push the apps into /system partition so that the apps work by default. The list of ported apps included in the package is mentioned below:

  1. Clock
  2. Messaging
  3. Digital Wellbeing
  4. Keyboard
  5. Contacts
  6. Gallery
  7. New Bixby Routines
  8. New Samsung Call Settings
  9. Link Sharing
  10. Finder
  11. QuickBoard
  12. Share Live
  13. Samsung Browser

Download Samsung One UI 3.0 Apps

   Download Samsung One UI 3.0 Apps

How to Install Samsung One UI 3.0 Apps on Any Samsung Devices

  1. Download the both ZIP files from the download section above and store it on your internal storage.
  2. Switch off your Samsung Galaxy device and enter the TWRP recovery.
  3. Once the TWRP is launched, click and choose on Install
  4. Now, navigate to Downloads folder and choose
  5. Swipe to confirm flashing and once done, reboot your device.
  6. Once device is booted, launch the TWRP recovery again and now choose and flash

These are the steps included in Download Samsung One UI 3.0 Apps on Any Samsung Devices. If this post helped you with how to Download Samsung One UI 3.0 Apps on Any Samsung Devices, show us some love by sharing this guide with your friends and fellow Galaxy users.

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