Download Latest QooApp Apk for Android Devices

Download QooApp Apk for Android Devices

Download QooApp for Android: You can have your hands on all the apps and games of your region due to Google Play locking Region downloads. But what if you wish to download gaming or other apps from countries like China, Japan, Korea, etc then what would you do? The answer to your questions is- QooApp apk.

QooApp functions much like the Play Store in action. You can browse based on language and genre, then download directly from the app without dealing with region restrictions. User ratings are generally reliable and screenshots are abounded but don’t expect English game descriptions. Most are in Chinese.

A word of advice to those wishing to play Asian Android titles is to download the APKs from third-party websites. This does work, but it can be either risky since there are a lot of risky APK download sites or too much of a pain to bother in the long run once big updates come around and you need a new APK download.

An alternative to that which is reliable, trustworthy, and works well is the QooApp. As it keeps a record of all the popular games in Asia along with the Android Releases and updates.

What is QooApp Apk?

QooApp is an alternative global market for Asian games that lets you download like zillions of Android games directly on your Android smartphone or tablet. You will come across games inspired by Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto, just to name a few well-known franchises.

The latest version of QooApp also supports numerous Indie games that you can download and play. There have been many speculations about whether using Qoo App is safe or not. Since QooApp downloads directly from Google Play Store, you can say it is safe to use. If you download QooApp directly from its official website and not from any third-party app store, there is nothing you need to worry about them.

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Download QooApp apk

 Package Name  com. qooapp.qoohelper
 Author  QooApp
 Operating System  Android
 Supports  Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and above
 License  Free
 Languages  5+ including English
 Size  16.05 MB

What’s in it?

QooApp is an interesting alternative for finding video games on Android. But do note that, most of the games you find would be in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. At times, you may come across a game in the English language but that would be very rare to happen.

The User Interface is quite a lot familiar and hence using QooApp becomes really easy. The interface of QooApp is partitioned into various different sections. In the first one, you have a list with all the video games in order of popularity, in the second, you can find a list of games that are coming out soon, and in the third tab, you can see different events.

You do not have to create an account before you start downloading any games. All you have to do is tap the download button of the video game you want, wait for a few seconds, and download the APK. And once you do that,  you can start playing any game that you have downloaded.

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How to Install QooApp on Android Device?

Download Latest QooApp Apk for Android Devices

Since the QooApp apk is not available for download on Google Play Store, you may find it quite difficult to download and install. And if you are facing some issues in downloading it through the website, you will need the aid of a computer to download it.

The issues may be- if your Android phone or tablet browser is getting troubles with websites, opening separate tabs to download is that the actual QooApp download will not start. If this ever happens to you, you can instead download the APK onto your computer, upload it to a service like Mega or Mediafire, and then manually type the download URL into the browser of your phone or tablet to get the download.

Before getting into the actual procedure of downloading and installing QooApp for Android Phone or Tablet, here are a few prerequisites you got to meet first-

  • Enable Unknown Sources Installation. You can do this from the phone settings.
  • An Android version of v4.0 Android and above.
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Given below is a step-by-step method on how you can download and install QooApp on your Android Device.

Step 1. To begin with, download the .apk file for the QooApp apk.

Step 2. You can download the .apk file for QooApp directly into your Android device or you can download it through your computer and then transfer it to your Android device through a USB data cable.

Step 3. Now you will have to run the .apk file on your Android device and install the QooApp apk.

Step 4. Once QooApp is installed, run the app and enjoy geo-locked games from Japan, Korea, China, and few other regions.

New Features of the QooApp apk (Latest Version) or Bug Fixes:

  • The Comics section is now optimized.
  • Other functions are optimized and bugs are fixed are well.
  • New modules on the homepage: What’s New and Hot Today keep you updated.
  • You can now follow the pre-registered and unreleased titles to stay up-to-date.
  • Otome Portal is now much better than earlier.

How to Download Anime games using Qooapp APK

There is two most common way through which you can download the Online Anime Games for free no matter in what part of the world you reside.

1.Install QooApp APK

You can have access to almost all the popular Anime games that have their origin in Asia to every part of the world, irrespective of the region locking by Google Play. And this all possible because of an App named QooApp. With over 3000+ very much popular Anime Games from all over the world, you can have your hands on games from countries such as Korea, China, Japan, other Asian Countries, etc.

It proves to be the safest way to play Anime games since it works by the mechanism of downloading the APK files of all these games directly from the Google Play Servers of those particular regions.

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2. Use Premium VPN

An Abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, VPN is just another network that can hide your IP Address hence allowing you to have access to www from various locations all over the world. Talking in simpler words, you can access your internet connection from any Asian location, say, China while you are in actual staying at UK. Cool, Isn’t it?

Wrapping Up

So to conclude, you can play Japanese or Chinese games you want by being in any place, any continent on the earth by two methods. One of course by Altering the location of your Google Play Store by using a VPN and the other by using the QooApp.

As per what we have seen till now,  VPN does have a better flexibility and versatility in accessing apps that are available in particular regions Google Play Store. But if you are not as advanced an Android User as other techies, it is always better to play safe for the sake of your device. And hence QooApp comes in handy.

In my opinion, QooApp is the perfect spot to rush to if you desire to play an Asian game by living in any part of the globe. This was all about downloading and installing QooApp for Android. Hope you guys found the article useful in the process of downloading and installing QooApp for your Android device.

If you have any difficulties in any of the steps or come across any queries, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you. Also, Keep visiting our page for more such android and tech-related topics or you can also Subscribe to our Newsletter for receiving timely notifications of our posts.

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