Download One UI 2.1 Launcher from Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

After a huge streak of leaks and speculations, Samsung has unveiled its flagship Galaxy S20 series of devices. Unlike every time Samsung tossed in three devices this time. The devices include Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. In this post, we are going to discuss, how you can download One UI 2.1 Launcher from the Galaxy 20 series and install it on your Samsung device.

One UI 2.1 brings a bundle-load of features on the Samsung devices. The features of the One UI 2.1 include applying dark mode to wallpaper, AR Zone, Smart Selfie Angle, Quick Crop, Clean View, System-wide dark mode, and the list goes on. The other fine features include Quick Share, Live captions, and a lot more.

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The One Ui 2.1 as one would expect will also come with One UI Home v11.2.01.10 that comes with much stable build and smoother transition. Some of the other flagship devices like the Galaxy Note 10 series, Galaxy S9 series, already go update with this latest version of the launcher.

Download One UI 2.1 Launcher


The One UI 2.1 launcher is way different from that of the normal launcher. To be precise it comes with a host of features including smoother animations and minimal design elements. If you are a Galaxy user, you would know the icons, animations, and other launcher UI elements are bigger and give that blocky perspective. As mentioned earlier, the launcher is exclusive to One UI 2.1, but you can still install it on your older generation device.

   Download One UI 2.1 Launcher

   Download App Cloner

Installation Process of One UI 2.1 Launcher on Any Samsung Galaxy Device

The launcher is perfect, bugless, and easy to install. But, if you still want to install it alongside the existing launcher without overwriting or affecting the default application, you can follow the below-mentioned steps. If you would like to install it directly, you can just install it normally. The steps for that include downloading the application. Enabling Install from Unknown/ third-party sources, and hit install. To install it alongside stock launcher:

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  1. Download the One UI 2.1 launcher from the download section above.
  2. Download and Install the App Cloner app from the Download section above.
  3. Firstly, launch App Clone which you have installed.
  4. Now, click on the folder icon found of the left-most tab.
  5. Once done, click on the “+” icon and enable the APK Tab. Now, select the option “from a file” and locate the launcher which you have downloaded from Download Section.
  6. Now the App Cloner will complete the process of installing the application.
  7. Now you will get an option to rename the app. Change it to One UI 2 Launcher.
  8. This is the time to install the launcher. Click on install.
  9. Once done, navigate to Settings, then go to apps and open permissions from there.
  10. Enable every single permission you find there.
  11. Restart your device.
  12. Now go to settings and set One UI 2 Launcher as default.


That is it! You have now successfully finished the process of download One UI 2.1 Launcher for your Samsung device. If this post helped you to install One UI 2.1 Launcher on your Samsung device, show us some love by sharing this post with your friends and family. Now that you have done that, it is time for me to bid you adieu. For more posts like this stay tuned. Until next time, Stay Techy!

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