Download NewPipe APK Latest version to watch High Resolution YouTube videos

The huge crisis of a pandemic the world is facing right now has caused many countries to undergo a complete lockdown. The situation is difficult but social distancing can prevent it from getting worse. While people are locked in their houses, certainly they are looking forward to various means of entertainment.

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Online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc. do offer the needed entertainment. However, all of these come with a price. An exception is YouTube but not all videos on YouTube are in High resolution. Therefore, if you rely on YouTube for watching videos and entertainment, but the video quality is bothering you, you can shift to a much better option. NewPipe APK is one such app that allows you to watch YouTube videos in High Resolution.

NewPipe APK is a quite limited app as it is available to download only in Asian region and only for YouTube Android app. With the NewPipe APK, users can watch YouTube videos in UHD, FHD, HD and also 4K resolution on Android. The app is totally free to use and does not consume much of your battery or memory. The best part about the app is that it offers you an Ad-free YouTube experience.

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Change log of latest NewPipe v0.19.0 APK

  • Open-source
  • Degoogled
  • No ads
  • Privacy-friendly
  • Addition of Mute button
  • Background player
  • Download it as audio or video
  • Video pop up
  • SoundCloud integrated into it ( no need of separate SoundCloud app)
  • Download SoundCloud tracks

Download NewPipe APK Latest

Given below are the links to download the latest NewPipe APK to watch videos on YouTube in High resolution. Just click on the links below and download and install the apk.

NewPipe APK | Direct Download link

Full downloads repository from Github Project link

F-Droid download link

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