Download Latest Google Camera 6.3 APK with NightSight in Main Camera UI and Gcam 6.3 Mod

Recently Google has updated its Google Camera for Pixel devices to the latest 6.3 Version and the much-awaited feature has been added to this version – Night Sight Mode in the main Camera UI. The previous 6.2 version too had the Night Sight but it had to be accessed by tapping many times. However, with 6.3, the main Camera UI itself is in NightSight Mode.

So now clicking pictures in low lightening and with Night Mode has become much easier on GCam where the Panorama Mode has been replaced by the Night mode. Download Latest Google Camera 6.3 APK with NightSight in Main Camera UI and Gcam 6.3 Mod.long with this, there are also links to download the GCam Mod by cstark through which you can set the Night Mode as a default mode.

The cstark Gcam MODs are something really interesting though not latest. These mods work well with all the Pixel phones seamlessly. So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and check out the article.
Download Google Camera 6.3 APK

What’s in the Google Camera APK V6.3?

  • Portrait Mode Works for both Front and Back camera.
  • HDR+ Works for both Front and Back camera.
  • Panorama
  • AR Stickers
  • Video with 30fps, 60 fps, Autofocus, Video Stabilization, etc.
  • Lens Blur
  • Photo Sphere
  • RAW
  • Motion Photo Working for both Front and Back camera.
  • Camera – HDR+, Flash, Front Camera, Autofocus, Zoom, etc.

Download Original Google Camera 6.3 APK from Pixel 3

One can also download the latest original i.e. Non-modded Google Camera 6.3 + Apk from the Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 3, etc. devices. All the Pixel devices support this camera apk. You can download this apk from either the Google Play Store or directly from the link given below.

Latest Google Pixel 3 Camera 6.3 –

Download Google Camera 6.3.017 mod – First Gcam 6.3 Mod

The first Gcam 6,3 Mod that is available for download is the Google Camera 6.3.017 mod. This mod has been developed by marlin-ku. We thank him for the praiseworthy work he put in the making of this mod apk. This mod apk has been tested on Xiaomi Note 5 and also on the Nokia 8 device.

The latest Google Camera 6.3.017 mod consists of newly added features-

  • Exposure compensation.
  • Bitrate adjustment.
  • Slow-motion for Redmi Note 5.
  • Night Sight feature in the main Camera UI.
  • time lapse @ 4K.

Here are the download links –

Set Night Sight as default launch mode on Gcam Mod Apk

A great advantage that Apks have over apps is that the Apks come with additional features and for the Gcam, one can download it for use beside the default camera app of their device. We would like to take a moment to thank cstark for developing the latest Google Camera 6.3 MOD for Google Pixel devices.

It is noteworthy to mention that the mod apk consists of all the amazing features of the original Gcam like – AR Stickers, HDR+, New Panorama UI, Photo-booth, HDR+ Enhanced, Portrait mode, Night Sight, Video recording upto 4K 30FPS, RAW Support, Super Res Zoom, Photosphere, FPS (1080p), Motion Autofocus, and so on.

Download latest Gcam mod by cstark

That was it about the Google Camera Mod apk. I hope the article was useful. Feel free to share your views.

Happy Androiding 🙂

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