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Google has finally launched its most awaited Google Camera 7.3 on the Google Play Store. All the Pixel users can now head straight to the Play Store and download the latest version of Google Camera. However, what about the other Google Camera lovers who do not own the Pixel series device? Well, nothing to worry as we have got the links to download latest Google Camera 7.3 APK for all the Android device users out there.


We all are well aware of how much Google is concerned with Updates for its apps. And needless to say, Google Camera being the best of Google’s all apps requires special maintenance. After the Google Camera 7.2 which brought along Astrophotography mode, today we have the latest Google Camera 7.3 APK.

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Although not that huge of an update, it definitely has hinted us about the upcoming features in the Google series. A 24FPS video recording has been hinted at. Scroll down to know what the latest Google Camera update has brought along for both Pixel devices(official app) and Android phones (GCAM 7.3 APK).

Features of Google Camera 7.3

Here are some of the most significant features of the Latest GCam 7.3 for Pixel –

24FPS Video Recording

Although for now, we have only 60FPS and 30FPS video recording and it is not entirely clear, it does seem that 24FPS Video recording is on the way if we consider the 2 lines in GCam 7.3 –

<string name=”fps_24″>24</string>

<string name=”fps_24_desc”>24 frames per second</string>

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Flash Menu

Through the latest 7.3 GCam apps, the flash menu has been reshuffled. In contrary to the earlier position of this, the flash menu is now in the first row. It has substituted the Motion option since Flash controls are more used options than Motion preference. Although a slight change, it makes a huge difference when we actually use it.

Here are the images for your reference –



DND Access

DND, i.e., Do Not Disturb is one of the most awaited modes when it comes to video recording. So as to keep you away from getting disturbed while recording, Google has introduced DND Access in the latest GCam 7.3.

All one has to do is go to the ‘Apps and Notifications> Special App Acess> Grant ‘Do Not Disturb’ access. This feature will block all the notifications while you are recording a video. So no pop-ups amidst recording!

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Now that you have taken a look at the changes in the latest GCam 7.3, let us see what updates have been made to the GCAM 7.3 APK –

Changelog of Google Camera 7.3 APK

In the latest Google Camera 7.3 APK, you get a number of features added as well as a few changes along with the features from GCam 6 like Night Sight, front and back camera HDR +, Portrait mode, Motion photo. Not to forget the Camera having HDR+, Flash, Front Camera, Zoom, Autofocus, etc. We also have the Video recording of 30fps, 60fps, Video Stabilization, Autofocus, and so on. Features like Time Lapse, Panorama, PhotoSphere, Lens Blur, RAW and AR Stickers will be a part of GCam 7.3 APK as well!

But what’s new in the latest Google Camera 7.3 APK is here –

    • Added dual exposure controls to adjust brightness and HDR of your photo (Pixel 4).
    • Added Astrophotography to Night Sight to allow you to take a picture of the Milky Way with one tap (Pixel 3, 3a, and 4).
    • Added Frequent Faces to help you capture Top Shot photos where the people you photograph most are smiling and not blinking (Pixel 4).
    • Added Touch and hold on the shutter button to capture Top Shot photos in the default camera mode (Pixel 2, 3, 3a, and 4).

Google Camera 7.1 APK Download from Google Pixel 4 (XL)

Quite significant additions of this latest 7.3 update indeed are DND Mode and flash Menu changes as discussed earlier. However, we cannot forget the handful of improvements and changes that the update has brought along. Although there is nothing major about this update, every update is unique in its own way. For this update, we can say, it certainly hints towards the major changes that will be seen in the upcoming version of Google Camera which might get the 24FPS video recording.

All the Pixel users that include – Pixel, Pixel 2/2XL, Pixel 3/3 XL, Pixel 3a/3a XL, Pixel 4/4 XL devices can simply download this latest Google Camera 7.3 application from the Google Play Store while those without a Pixel device can use the latest GCam 7.3 APK from the download links mentioned below. You can then go ahead and use the Installation guide to install GCam 7.3 APK on your Android device. Keep Scrolling.

Download Google Camera APK 7.3 on Android phones

Pixel phone users can simply click on the Play Store link and those having Android devices other than Pixel can click on the Google Camera 7.3 APK link. Once downloaded, you can go ahead to install GCam 7.3 APK using the installation guide below.

Download Google Camera 7.3 [Play Store]

Download Google Camera 7.3 APK [APKMirror]

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How to install Google Camera 7.3 APK?

  1. Once you download the above Google Camera 7.3 APK, go to the Settings of your device.
  2. In Settings, go to Apps & Notifications > Special App Access > enable Install Unknown apps.
  3. This will enable the Unknown Sources installation.
  4. Now go to Downloads and tap on the GCam APK file.
  5. You are done here. The app will be downloaded soon.

You can now open the app and grant all the required permissions for its working. We recommend you grant access for Storage, Camera, Microphone for the better use of the app.

More on Google Camera –

I hope the latest Google Camera APK works well for your Android phone. Do let us know your experience with this latest GCam version in the comment box below. We will be glad to hear from you.

Stay tuned with us for more such updates!

Happy Androiding:-)

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