Download Google Camera 7.3 APK Port from Google Pixel 4 for all Android devices

Just recently Google released an update of the Google Camera for Google Pixel devices which came as Google Camera 7.3. This latest Google camera version brought along a few bug fixes and changes like Flash Controls shifted. It also hinted at the possible features like 24FPS, etc. in the upcoming Google devices. And today we have the modded GCam 7.3 APK which will work best on all the Android devices.

Google Camera 7.3 experienced a few minor yet crucial changes like the addition of DND Mode. By putting your device on this mode, you make sure that you will not get any notifications while video recording. Also, the flash controls got shifted to the top which was earlier below Motion preferences. This seems better as people tend to work more with flash options than Motion preferences.

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Download GCam 7.3 MOD APK from Pixel 4

Here are the links to download the latest Google Camera 7.3 APK MOD. It was the hard work of Parrot043 developer who made the latest GCam port available for us.

Note – The GCam 7.3 Mod APK Port is made for devices running on Android 10. Hence, if you own a device running on versions below Android 10, like Android 9.0 Pie or Oreo 8.0, it is better to stay with the GCam 7.2 Apk or GCam 7.1 APK for now

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Google Camera 7.3 Mod APK


Full developer downloads repository by parrot043

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More on Google Camera –

Stay tuned for more ports from various developers like urnyx, BSG, cstark, Arnova8G2, dice, etc.

Happy Androiding:-)

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