Download and Install Android 11 Developer Preview on Google Pixel

Google has yet again surprised the Android world by releasing its latest Android 11 Developer Preview much before than the usual expected date. The latest Android 11 Developer Preview is now available for download. This latest Android OS iteration brings along a number of amazing feature, that we have mentioned below. So if you want to download and install Android 11 Developer Preview on your Google Pixel device, here is a complete article to help you out.

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Android 11, the latest Google creation has brought along some really amazing features that include new APIs for connection enhancement, Dark Mode scheduling, No effect of Airplane Mode on Bluetooth, Improved UI Sharing, New conversation tab, Mute notifications while recording, Scrolling screenshots, Native Screen recording, Improved touch sensitivity, Back Gesture Tweaking, Share menu app pinning and a lot more! There has been added support for Foldable Phones and 5G as well! The primary focus of Android 11, has, however, been the Privacy and security of the user.

So if you too want to try out all these amazing features on your Google Pixel device, just scroll down and follow the article! In case you have already updated your Pixel device to Anroid 11 but now wish to Downgrade Android 11 Developer Preview to Stable Android 10 Firmware on Pixel devices, click here.

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Android 11 Features

Android 11 goodies include some great features of which latest technologies, more priority to User’s Security and privacy, new API so as to improve connectivity, and a lot more are major. Here is a sneak peek of these new features –

  • Scheduling of Dark Mode

Since Android 9 Pie, Dark Mode has been a popular feature of Android phones. For a long time now users have been requesting a global dark mode. Looks like Android 11 has got their requests approved along with a Dark Mode schedule. Scheduling implies that one can toggle dark mode automatically as per the time.

  • New Technologies

As mentioned earlier, Android 11 brings along new API that helps in improving connectivity, native support for 5G, machine learning as well as foldable phones. Apart from these, support for better calls screening, Google’s Neutral network API, low-latency video decoding, etc.

  •  Increased Touch Sensitivity

For situations like wearing gloves or using screen protectors, a major problem that arises with smartphones is decreased touch sensitivity. Hence to deal with those situations, in the Settings panel, a new change has been made. An increased touch sensitivity has been introduced by Google. The improved touch sensitivity will let you use your device with ease like usual.

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  • No effect of Flight Mode on Bluetooth

Bluetooth and Flight Mode or Airplane Mode do not go hand in hand. However, with Android 11, the major Bluetooth-Airplane Mode conflict has been resolved. Users can now put their phones on Flight mode and still enjoy Bluetooth and connect to devices.

  • New Conversation tab

In the notification bar, a new conversation tab has been added. Through this, you will get to see the latest and recent messages. Thus, you can easily reply to messages from the notification drawer itself. A major addition to this is that the users can now also send images straight from the notifications. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Privacy and Permissions

Privacy and Security of the user has been the major focus of Google with regard to the latest Android OS iteration. The Android 11 will let users take back controls from apps once it is stopped. The One-time permissions for locations, camera as well as the microphone will improve the security and privacy of the user. The apps will have to request location access through Google’s permissions. The apps that have been approved by Google will be the only ones benefitting from Background location data.

  • Mute notifications when using Camera

The new APIs in Android 11 allow the users to mute notifications while using the camera. This will also be applicable for video calling. Thus there will be fewer disturbances while using the camera.

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  • Enhanced Sharing UI

Android 11 has ensured users with the option to pin favorites on the sharing menu. This feature was deboarded in Android 10 but now Android 11 will let users pin the social networking apps of their choice to the top of the sharing menu.

  • Chat Bubbles

The Chat Bubbles from Facebook Messenger have been all of our favorites ever since they were introduced. Users all across the globe wished to have these feature even for messaging on Android. Finally, Google has taken a note of it and has introduced chat bubbles in its latest Android 11 iteration.

Android 11 Developer Preview Supported devices

The below Pixel devices are compatible with the latest Android 11 DP –

  • Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL
  • Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL
  • Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL
  • Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

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Download Android 11 Developer Preview Factory Image

If you are going to flash Android 11 Developer Preview factory image, you will need to first download the appropriate Android 11 Factory Image for your Pixel device.

Google Pixel 4 XL (codename: coral)

Google Pixel 4 (codename: flame)

Google Pixel 3a XL (codename: bonito)

Google Pixel 3a (codename: sargo)

Google Pixel 3 XL (codename: crosshatch)

Google Pixel 3 (codename: blueline)

Google Pixel 2 XL (codename: taimen)

Google Pixel 2 (codename: walleye)

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Download Android 11 Developer Preview OTA Update

In case you are going with the second method to sideload Android 11 OTA Update on your Google Pixel device, here are the OTA Update download links as per your Pixel device –

Google Pixel 4 XL (codename: coral)

Google Pixel 4 (codename: flame)

Google Pixel 3a XL (codename: bonito)

Google Pixel 3a (codename: sargo)

Google Pixel 3 XL (codename: crosshatch)

Google Pixel 3 (codename: blueline)

Google Pixel 2 XL (codename: taimen)

Google Pixel 2 (codename: walleye)

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How to Install Android 11 Developer Preview on Google Pixel phones

Here we have elaborated two different methods using which you can install Android 11 Developer Preview to Android 10 Stable firmware on your Google Pixel device. But before that, make sure you follow all the essential prerequisites for the process.


  • When you update your Pixel device to Android 11 Developer Preview, all of your device data like Messages, Media, Audio, Calls, Installed apps, etc. will automatically be erased. Hence, it is necessary that you take a complete backup if your device data before getting into the next step.
  • Once you have taken a complete backup of your device data, we recommend you perform a factory reset on your device. This is in order to prevent any unnecessary issues.
  • Download the latest ADB and Fastboot tools on your PC or you can also install the Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools.
  • Make sure to have good and working USB Cables in order to establish a connection between your device and the PC.
  • If you are going to follow the method of Flashing Android 11 factory image, then you will have to unlock the bootloader of your Pixel device.
  • You do not want to get stuck in between the procedure and then repeat the whole process again. Make sure that you have at least 50% battery power so that you can seamlessly perform the complete process.

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#1. Sideload Android 11 full OTA Package using Stock Recovery

  • First of all, Download Android 11 stable OTA Package from the links mentioned above for your Google Pixel phone.
  • Now copy this downloaded zip package to the folder on the PC where the ADB and Fastboot tools are installed.
  • After that, press the SHIFT key and then right-click on anywhere on the empty space in the folder where the Platform-tools are present.
  • Then you will get a pop-up menu. From the options given, select the ‘Open PowerShell window here’.
  • Then using USB Cables, connect your Pixel phone to the PC.
  • Enter the below command so as to boot your Android device into Stock recovery –
adb reboot recovery
  • Now, in the Stock recovery, press the Volume buttons so as to choose the option of ‘Apply Update from ADB’.
  • Then hit the Power button so as to confirm your action.
  • Then, enter the below command in order to install OTA Update package on your Android phone –
adb sideload
  • Do not forget to replace the ‘’ from above with the file name of the OTA Package.
  • After the installation is done, choose ‘Reboot System Now’.

That is it. Your Pixel device will now boot into Android 11 Developer Preview.

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#2. Flashing Android 11 Factory Image using Fastboot on Pixel device

  • To begin with, download Android 11 Factory Image for your Google Pixel phone from the links mentioned above.
  • Now extract this downloaded factory image zip file on the PC with the help of archive tools like WinRAR or WinZIP.
  • This extracted folder will have the bootloader and radio images, flashing scripts, as well as a zip file which will have all the crucial partition images.
  • You will have to now copy these extracted files to the folder where you have installed the ADB and Fastboot tools.
  • Now Switch off your Pixel device and then boot it into Fastboot Mode. For this, you can press together the Volume Down + Power Key.
  • When your device enters into fastboot mode, connect it to the PC with the help of USB Cables.
  • After that, double click on the file named – ‘flash-all.bat’ so as to flash the Android 11 Factory image.
  • In case you have a Mac or Linux PC, just launch the terminal and then change its directory to the folder where you have installed the ADB and Fastboot tools. Let us take for example if the platform-tools are installed in ‘Documents/platform-tools, just enter the below command –
cd Documents/platform-tools
  • Then enter the below command so as to flash Android 10 factory image on your Pixel phone –

This complete procedure will take a few minutes so you need to be a little patient. You will be able to see the progress in Terminal Window or PowerShell. While all of this is happening, it is very normal for your device to reboot a few times. So relax, all’s going well!

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I hope that you have found the above article of use. In case you are stuck at any of the above steps, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out. Also, do not forget to share your experience with the Android 11 Developer Preview with us in the comment section below.

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