DiscoverKiller app replaces Google Discover with whatever you want {Download Now}

With the several updates coming up with passing time, this article too features an update where a new MOD app DiscoverKiller has replaced Google discover. Yes, it is true.

The Google discover feature was an easy way of swiping left from our mobile phones home screens to know about the latest stories, updates, and even show recommendations for some videos. This feature was found in almost every mobile phone brand including Xiaomi’s MIUI, OnePlus, ASUS.

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However, this feature was not liked by certain users. But now we have a good news for all of them. XDA Recognized developer Quinny899 has now introduced a new mod to replace the Google discover screen with any apps of your choice.

What is DiscoverKiller app?

This DiscoverKiller is powered by the Google Apps which is now an alternative to your google discover feature. You can now easily turn off all the video recommendation of videos and latest updates.

The module is presented in the form of an Xposed module. This module can be closed when swiped right in case you are willing to open the updates screen and not the discover page.

A simple swipe from left to right will bring you all the updates, news, and assistance.

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While using Google Discover, Whenever you press the middle home screen button, automatically a window of google assistant pops up. But every smartphone has its different way to open the google assistant screen.

As for Realme devices, swiping right will get your google assistant screen displayed.

With DiscoverKiller app, One can easily replace the discover feed with any app of their choice. It can be any application whether a social media app or your gaming apps, news, etc. It all depends upon your choice.

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Download DiscoverKiller App

DiscoverKiller app download 

How to use DiscoverKiller app?

  • To make it work you will have to open its application and check the status.
  • After enabling the module status you can replace discovery with any app of your choice.

A window may appear on your screens showing options like-

  • Google Assistant Updates Screen
  • Custom App
  • Google Discover
  • Enable Swipe to dismiss

After confirming the app whichever you want to use instead of discovering, you are good to go.

Download DiscoverKiller if you want to. Also, this is for your information that it is not the found release of the app.

The application is still in progress and will soon come up with its official version.

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Stay tuned for more such details and share this piece of news with the people all around you to provide updates about the latest app- DiscoverKiller which can disable the Google discovery feature.

Happy Androiding:-)

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