Top 3 Best Ways to Connect Android Phone to TV

Connect Android Phone to TV: Smartphones are playing one of the prominent roles in our lives right now. Smartphones are feature-rich and come with a bundle-load of options. But where they lack is in terms of display sizes. Imagine that you have clicked some images or shot some videos and are planning to watch them together with your family, well, you definitely cannot watch them on your tiny Android screen.

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Well, now that is where you can connect your Android phone with your TV and watch your favorite content together with your friends or family. Now, how do you do that? If you are unaware, do not worry as in this post we are going to cover Best Ways to Connect Android Phone to TV. With that being said, let us quickly discuss the best ways to do so.

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1. Establish Wireless Connection using Wi-fi Direct

  1. Enable Wifi direct on your TV.
  2. On your phone, open any media file, be it an image, audio, or YouTube video.
  3. Once you pick the item, click on the share button.
  4. Click on Wi-fi direct here and under the list of all the available devices tap and select on your TV.

2. Connect Android Phone to TV using Screen Cast

  1. On your Android phone, open quick settings.
  2. Scroll through all the quick settings and find the Screen Cast option.
  3. Here, your TV will appear as soon as the scan is completed.
  4. Now, you can view your smartphone screen on a huge television screen.

3. Connect Android Phone to TV as a Storage Device

In this method, you will use your smartphone as a storage device. To be much clear you will have to connect your device to the TV using USB cable and your Android phone becomes a Pen Drive or an external hard disk. So this means, you cannot control the phone but can view all the files on your phone.

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