Chromebooks started receiving Chrome OS 85; But there is a catch

Chrome OS is one of the most underrated Google’s OS ever. The concept behind Chrome OS is to provide users the software to low-end machines which is entirely based on Chrome. Although the implementation sounds good, it is a huge let down in real-world usage. Now, a recent report from a Chrome OS 85 user confirms that the devices are getting an update, but it is for the beta users.

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Chrome OS 85 Update

Image Credits: therealfanjin on Reddit

A Reddit user who goes by the name therealfanjin took it to the platform stating that he had received an update for his Dell Chromebook 3100 2-in-1. In his post therealfanjin quoted…

Chrome OS 85 released for Beta! (Have been waiting for this for a long time)

Another used added to comment that…

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It has the same horribly broken virtual keyboard from the current dev channel build. It breaks backspace, where it will insert most of the previous word while you are trying the backspace. Cant trigger it with CTRL-ALT-T, cant use the shell command even if you use URL (or any other crosh command). For some people the new beta has broken crostni and android entirely.

Seems like the whole keyboard issue was not fixed with the Chromebooks or Chrome OS. A lot of users reported the same issue on the internet a while back. It was gradually fixed with some Chrome OS devices. But seems like they still haven’t fixed the issue. But then again, these are initial or Beta builds.

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Another user who was facing the same issue added…

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I was able to switch to GBoard and it works great! (Setup is a little odd but works)

To install GBoard, you will have to go through the setup in-app. Make sure that you enable all the permissions then add it to the Chrome OS settings followed by System settings. If you still wanted to try Chrome OS.


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