Cheapest Cable TV for Low Income Families and Seniors

Cheapest Cable TV for Low Income Families: Cable TV is not any different from any other essential services. In the current living scenario, the shelter, clothing, bed, food, phone, and TV has become a standard requirement. While the Federal Government offers free phones, beds, and a lot more but there are no free cable TV services for the less fortunate or low-income families.

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On a similar note, it is a challenging job to find affordable TV offerings for low income families and seniors. While plenty of cable TV companies offer discounts and special rates to disadvantaged families and groups. In some cases, securing these discounts may mean price haggling and askings questions while specific regarding your needs.

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As we all know, cable TV providers always have their standards in maintaining their customer base. So, they are likely to provide a plan within your budget. In general, the cable TV for low income families can range from $50 to $70 depending on their individual needs and selection of channels and the number of TV sets in a home. With that being said, let us talk around some of the cheapest cable tv for low income families and seniors. While you are here, you can also check out our How to Get Free iPhone Without Offers

1. Xfinity Cable TV for Low Income Families

Xfinity is the best in the business when it comes to cheap cable TV for low income families. The expanded basic package comes with 140 channels at $49.99 per month under the 12-month contract. The Xfinity’s X1 DVR plan might not be the best in the market or neither had excellent customer service like other services in the list, but is definitely the affordable one for the low-income families.

Now you might think that Xfinity cut so many corners to provide cable at this affordable rates. But, the cheapest cable TV for low income families plan offers every channel that the top 25 cable TV providers provide. The list of channels here include AMC, USA, Discovery, ESPN, The CW, TNT, and the list goes on.


  1. Affordable Cable TV Plans
  2. No Contract Plans Available
  3. A strong X1 DVR


  1. Shaky Customer Service
  2. Extra Fees

2. AT&T U-Verse Cheapest Cable TV for Low Income Families and Seniors

After the Xfinity cable, AT&T is much appreciated and used by the low-income families because of its pricing. For the price as low as $49.99, you will get over 180 channels under U-Family plan. The U-Verse Cable is accompanied with U-Verse Internet if you want a stable internet connection for your kids in the same affordable rates. The U-Verse cable, unlike most other services in the list, offers High Definition service ready DVR which can record up to four concurrent shows too.

Not just that the home DVR lets you store up to 165 hours of HD content and 460 hours of SD content under the select plans. The offer comes with a DVR plus movies for the live TV services.


  1. Free DVR with all the plans
  2. Comes with an app that works on various devices


  1. Poor nationwide availability.

3. Spectrum Cable TV for Low Income and Seniors

If you do not want to sign any contract no matter what, then Spectrum could be the right service for you as the company does not require the customers to sign a multi-year contract when joining the network which means you are free to move to an alternative TV service of your choice. Spectrum also provides you with a DVR upon subscribing to their cable service and the DVR lends about 75 hours of HD storage. Consider there is no contract to sign you can overlook the weaker DVR and enjoy the best TV plan rates. But you might have to watch out for a one time $34.99 while starting the subscription initially.


  1. No Contracts
  2. Fair Pricing and Cheaper than the competition


  1. Weaker DVR
  2. Hidden Costs


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