How to Change the Difficulty Level in Watch Dogs Legion; How to Turn Off Permadeath?

Change the Difficulty Level in Watch Dogs Legion: For those who are not aware, Watch Dogs Legion (upcoming title) brings an amazing gameplay of recruiting every citizen in London. Now, that means, this game has almost none number of non-playable characters (NPC’s). How cool would it be to play a game with almost 90 million playable characters in a group? As much as it sounds overwhelming, this is one of the coolest additions to such a huge open-world title.

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Most of you who are playing the game might feel this game is too difficult. Now, for that reason, we have compiled this ultimate guide of how to change the difficulty level in Watch Dogs Legion. Not just that, we shall also discuss around Permadeath. With that said, let us quickly get into the process, shall we?

How to Change the Difficulty Level in Watch Dogs Legion?


  1. If you are running the main game (not the online mode), click on options, which is above tutorials.
  2. Now, go to Gameplay and you will be able to see three options here for Single Player Difficulty. These options include Easy, Normal, and Iron Man
  3. These aforementioned are the difficulty levels in Watch Dogs Legions. If you are wondering around how to set the difficulty level for online or multiplayer sessions, do not worry, as it automatically adjusted to Normal.

Do note that in normal mode, everything is balanced. This includes some vital gameplay mechanisms like Enemy Alertness, Weapon Damage, and Vehicle Efficiency.

Also, it is possible to change the single-player difficulty anytime in the game. If you are finding things are easier, you can switch to hard modes and take up the challenges to test your skills. It does not matter your choice of difficulty here. Twhe game challenges you to think differently and you can further unlock outfits, take down kingpins, free an entire part of the city and do a lot more, considering the open-world gameplay.

How to Turn Off Permadeath in Watch Dogs Legion?

Permadeath, as most of you already understood by the name, it is an option in Watch Dogs Legion that enables permanent death in Watch Dogs. If this option is turned on and if you are dead in the game, the character never comes back and will be gone permanently. This doesn’t come as a huge deal as there are freaking 90 million playable characters in the game.

Even if you are not the one controlling any certain character, and if they die in battle or fight, they will be dead permanently. This is one of the finest features in the game as it is mostly, true to life. You can literally feel the pressure in such cases and we recommend you to play this game with Permadeath feature on, as not a lot of games does this.

But then again, if the pressure of death is too much for you to handle, you can always choose to disable this feature. To turn off Permadeath in Watch Dogs Legion, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the game and from the main menu choose Options.
  • Once the options screen loads up, choose Gameplay.
  • Now, select Permadeath mode and from here, you can either turn it off or turn it on.

Now, this is our take on How to Change the Difficulty Level in Watch Dogs Legion. If this guide helped you, do consider sharing this with your friends and gaming buddies.

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