Can You Play Phasmophobia Solo?; An Ultimate Guide for Single-Player

Can You Play Phasmophobia Solo?: Phasmophobia is one of the most horror-struck game, well, this is the case when you are playing with other players. Now, you can imagine the scare-levels when you are playing alone. Regardless of that, yes, you can play the game in Single-Player (Solo) mode, if you want to ben challenged more. In this guide, let us discuss a little more about the Phasmophobia Solo play and things around that.

Can You Play Phasmophobia Solo?


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As mentioned earlier, it is possible and do note that the game only gets challenging. You can even play with two players, if you do not want to proceed alone. For that, you will need to start a private session and begin playing with single-player. If you want to add anyone, you can simply invite them. To do that…

  • Start your game and press play on the main menu. Now, you can see an option to Create Private, click on that.
  • Next up, copy the invite code that you will see on the screen and send the code to your friends.
  • Now, they can start joining the lobby. Once everyone is joined, you can start with your game.
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Do note that, if you are a VR player, things get much scarier. But on the brighter side, you can hold more items at the same time, whereas the non-VR players can only hold three items at once. Considering this game is primarily made for multiplayer, there are a lot of things to do. And if you have entered the game alone, things get worse. Some of the maps are very big that can make things much harder.

Also, this makes sustaining tough and ghost can easily ambush you and kill you. Whereas in the multiplayer, you have someone you can talk with and which obviously means, together you can finish objectives while talking. But, if talking is too boring for you, can obviously start the game alone.

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