Best Safelink Phones Replacement 2021 (Guide)

Best Safelink Phones Replacement: If you a smartphone user for a long time and if you lose your phone all of a sudden you will be disturbed. Smartphones have become an integral part of the current generation. Phones have become so important that they are being referred to as a basic necessity. In the United States, low-income families and senior citizens are provided with free cell phones, and not just that, now a lot of schemes are available, if you want to get laptops for free, mobile internet or home internet and cable for free too.

If you lose your smartphone, it really hits you hard and your whole life goes on a pause. But not if you are a Safelink subscriber. If you are a Safelink subscriber, you can easily get a new device or replacement for your smartphone. Don’t know how to get a replacement or have got no idea about Best Safelink Phones Replacement? Well, do not worry as you have ended up in the right place.


Through the Lifeline program, Safelink Wireless has provided free government phones that too with extraordinary plans that suite low-income families or individuals. Best Safelink Phones Replacement program provides you with a replacement phone if you lost or someone stole your phone.  But it is worth noting that Safelink will not offer you any insurance for your phone, so it is better to ensure to use your phone safely.

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How Does Safelink Wireless Phone Replacement Work?

Safelink Wireless is the leading and one of the oldest firms among the providers of free government cell phones. Safelink connects millions of users across 38 states in the United States and there is an established procedure that bounds all the users with regards to phone replacement and if you lost your phone and under Safelink wireless replacement policy then you are allowed to request a phone.

But do note that you are only allowed to request one phone and if you have lost the second phone which you got under the replacement program you cannot get it for another time. Also, the replacement phones, in general, are the refurbished ones and if you are under the Best Safelink Phones Replacement program and your phone is stolen or reported missing, the lost phone will be deactivated permanently. You will only be compensated for 10 minutes of airtime lost.

How to Get a Replacement Phone From Safelink

  1. Visit, or you can call at 800-867-7183
  2. Enter the zip code of your area. You will get a list of phones compatible with Safelink.
  3. Provide your name, serial number, and the phone number of the missing phone.
  4. You can choose to main your phone number or ask for a new one.
  5. Now, you can get your new phone at Walmart, K-Mart, Kroger, Eckerd, and Radio Shack stores.
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Best Safelink Phones Replacement

  1. ZTE Z Five 2 4G
  2. TracFone LG Rebel 4G
  3. ZTE Maven 3
  4. LG Phoenix 3
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4
  6. Samsung Galaxy Sol 4
  7. Alcatel Cameo
  8. Motorola G4
  9. Alcatel Ideal Xcite
  10. Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro


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