Best features to look for in an Android monitoring app

Best features to look for in an Android monitoring app

Android monitoring apps can give you access to someone’s phone from a distance. Without touching the phone, you can read chats, track GPS location, and listen to phone calls anytime. There are several Android spy apps available on the internet, but if you are looking for the best spy app for Android, look for these features:

  • Phone calls recording
  • Surround recording
  • Location tracking
  • Email and IM monitoring
  • Installed applications log
  • Internet browsing
  • Remote commands

All these features are must-have if you want to monitor an Android device. Keeping that in our mind, we tested several Android spy apps available on the internet and for this article, we have picked one that offers a variety of monitoring features that can save you time and money. Xnspy Android spy app is commonly used by anxious parents and worried employers to track the digital footprints of either their kids or employees.

Xnspy – Android Spy App

Why Xnspy? More or less, all spy apps offer similar basic feature set. But, it’s the advanced features that make the difference. Xnspy is considered the best spy app for Android due to its features, including call recording, ambient listening, geofencing, and remote commands. All these features are offered at a reasonable price of $4.99 a month.

Xnspy Android spy app works with all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.X up to 9.X. You will need physical access to the device to install this spy app. The installation will take less than five minutes. Once installed, Xnspy will collect all possible information stored on the monitored device and upload it to your account. Also, there are a few Android spy features that may require rooting like IM monitoring features that include any of the features linked to popular social media sites like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and others.

Xnspy Android Spying Features

With this Android spy app, you can get a multitude of features that can help you know about your family and business on the go. Xnspy works in the background of the mobile or tablet you want to monitor. It lets you know about every possible activity happening on the monitored device. Here is the complete list of Android spy app features you need, and you will get all these features with Xnspy’s subscription to ensure the digital safety of your office and home.

Phone Calls Monitoring

This spy app for Android devices gives you access to call logs for all the incoming and outgoing phone calls. Xnspy records date, time, and call duration of each call. By logging into your Xnspy online account, you can access all these details with a single click. Also, the Xnspy app for Android devices records all the phone calls so that you can listen to them anytime. You can even download the recorded calls to your phone or laptop for later use. You can also get instant alerts on specific callers whenever they try to contact the monitored person.

Read Text Messages

Xnspy Android spy app lets you read all sent and received text messages on the monitored device. Once you are logged in, click on Phone Logs >> Text Messages. Here you will get the complete list of messages with date and time details. By clicking on a message, you can read the complete chat. Besides, Xnspy lets you add specific words (death, sex, drugs, etc.) to a watchlist for instant alerts.

Best features to look for in an Android monitoring app

Spy on Instant Messenger Chats

Instant Messenger apps have become a prevalent messaging medium. Be it your employees or kids, everyone prefers to interact with family and friends using these social media platforms. Xnspy app for Android smartphones and tablets gives you access to these instant messenger apps. You can read all messages and even view shared multimedia files on these apps. With Xnspy, you can read all chats from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Kik Messenger, Tinder, Line, and Skype.

Track GPS Location

Xnspy can track the exact location of an Android device in real-time (on Android). Also, you can access location history logs, including time, date, and addresses of each location the person has visited while carrying their Android phone with them. Xnspy spy app lets you create virtual boundaries for the person you want to spy, and whenever they try to breach those boundaries, you will get an instant notification via email. This way, you can keep tabs on the whereabouts of the person, say your employee or kid discreetly.

Monitor Online Activities

What else you could expect from a reliable Android spy app than an easy way to track the online activities of the monitored person. With Xnspy, you can read all emails that have been sent or received from the mailbox of the device. You can check the internet browsing history with time and date details of every website visit. Plus, you can view bookmarks and Wi-Fi network logs.

Access Multimedia Files

Xnspy gives you access to all photos, videos, and other multimedia files stored on the monitored device. You can download these photos and videos to offsite storage.

Best features to look for in an Android monitoring app

Exclusive Actuarial Reports

What makes this Android spy app superior to the other available apps is the wide range of monitoring tools that can make it way easier for you to keep tabs on the person. One such amazing tool is exclusive actuarial reports. Of course, there will be hundreds of messages, calls, emails, etc. Checking every detail will cost you a lot of time. Therefore, Xnspy collects the data and presents it to you in a very neat fashion. Xnspy reports consist of:

  • Top five frequent callers
  • Top five call durations
  • Top 10 frequently-visited sites
  • Call time activity punch card

Best features to look for in an Android monitoring app

Remote Controls

Another amazing feature that makes Xnspy stay ahead in the monitoring game is its remote controls. With Xnspy app for Android devices, you can:

  • Lock the monitored smartphone or tablet
  • Wipe device data
  • View a list of all installed applications
  • Block access to unwanted apps
  • Take a live screenshot
  • Monitor keystrokes within multiple IM apps

Instant Alerts

As discussed earlier, Xnspy notifies you via email about all the activities of the monitored person. You can set alerts for:

  • Specific contacts
  • Inappropriate words
  • Unsafe locations
  • SIM card change


Xnspy offers a mixture of basic and advanced spying features you need. Ranging from basic chat monitoring to ambient listening, you can get all the extensive spy tools in one app. If you want to try this Android spy app, they offer a live demo so you can get yourself acquainted with the features and functionalities before making the final decision. Also, we would recommend reading some of their customers’ reviews, and it will help you in making your buying decision. Here is one for you to get started:

“Tracking my employees wasn’t that easy till I came to know about Xnspy. Well, this app actually does all the work for me. It records all the locations of my employees with time and date details. While sitting at home, I can track the exact location of my employees from my laptop and find it very easy to use. Investing in Xnspy has accelerated my business operations, and now I have more satisfied customers. Credit goes to Xnspy!” – Jacob G.

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  1. Nice app!! A good amalgam of basic and advanced monitoring features. What I like the most is the remote controls of the app. I hope the Xnspy team is working to block websites remotely, too. Overall, the app is offering all the features at a quite attractive price.

  2. I heard about this app from my colleague. Good to know about the details. I was looking for such a brief review to make my purchasing decision easier. Now I am 100% convinced to buy the app. I’ll share my reviews after using the app.


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