Best Budget Smartphones for Students

Spending a lot of money on smartphones in 2020 makes no sense. Explore the newest and cheapest smartphones with top hardware.

Smartphones become the main assistants for high school, college, and university students. New mobile phones ensure Internet access, and the Internet is a whole universe for students. There they may find everything they need for being an effective learner. Besides, students can find the answers to some important questions; they can order assignments writing help in emergencies. Moreover, students can install various educational apps on their smartphones to learn new skills and improve the existing ones. Therefore, if you are preparing to enter the college or already studying at it, the first device you should buy is a smartphone.

People used to consider this purchase too expensive; however, there are lots of amazing devices that cost cheap. The number of companies that produce mobile phones is huge, and purchasing an expensive device makes no sense, especially for students.

Let’s explore the cheapest smartphones, technical characteristics of which are equal to the characteristics of highly-publicized models.

  1. TCL 10L

This device is one of the most underestimated ones. If you don’t need a too good camera to take detailed shots of nature, buy this smartphone. Its price is approximately $250 on Amazon. This company is known as a producer of TV’s, but it decided to try itself in developing smartphones. It’s possible to say that TCL achieved a good result in mobile phone production. IPS display with vibrant colours lets you look at high-quality and colourful pictures and enjoy accurate colours. Powerful CPU will launch all modern apps and even games. What else do you need from the smartphone?

  1. Iphone SE (2020)

If you’re a fan of Apple, but its devices are too expensive, it lets people enjoy good old classics at a lower price. Many iPhone users seem nostalgic for the times when smartphones were small and compact. Apple gave us a chance to enjoy the performance of up-to-date technologies and classic design. New iPhone SE is significantly cheaper than its flagman counterparts — you’ll have to pay $400 or even cheaper. It’s an amazing price for the quality this company offers. Fast processor A13 Bionic and 36GB RAM let this device perform ordinary tasks fast. The additional advantage of this smartphone is that you’ll look stylish with it.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10E

This device looks flawless both inside and out. Amazing AMOLED screen  — that’s what makes lots of people purchase Samsung devices. A fingerprint scanner is built on the screen; moreover, it has a facial recognition option, so you may not worry that your data is insecure. If you need the smartphone to be able to order science homework help online at any time, this one is more than enough to do it. Samsung Galaxy S10E has powerful hardware, including a fast processor — Exynos, 8GB of RAM, and a powerful battery. If you live in a fast tempo, this smartphone is especially good for you because it has a fast charging option and can optimize battery work to make it hold a charge longer.

  1. Google Pixel 3a

If you look for a device that’s highly appreciated by various ratings and reviews, you must buy a Google Pixel 3a. This phone is ideal for everything. Now almost all people who aim to buy phones have the same requirement — a good camera. Pixel 3a can easily meet this demand. You have to pay $400 at most to take photos and enjoy them. There’s one significant drawback of this device is that it has no expandable storage, so you’ll have to use cloud services to store all your important information in good hands. Google Pixel 3a is the embodiment of balance in everything.

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