Top 10 Best Apps to a Track a Phone Location by Number

There may be various reasons why someone would come across a need for a cell phone location tracker service. It might be due to changing times or even changing needs. Most of the time, however, such a service is sought to alleviate fears of being cheated on or to keep one’s kids safe.

So, whether your needs are for monitoring unruly children and keeping them safe by accessing their location or even tracking a partner you are sure is unfaithful. Sometimes you may even need such software to locate a lost phone. In such scenarios, we turn to Spyware hacks built for such purposes.

Some of the best apps for monitoring purposes have been listed by us for your ease. Find out more about them below.

The Top 10 Apps to track a phone location by number




The best app in the world for hacking, spying, and monitoring location right now in the world is none other than Spyier. It is famous, available worldwide, and has millions of downloads to its name. In our Spyier review below, we will explain all its basic concepts.

Top 10 Best Apps to a Track a Phone Location by Number

Spyier is one of the few apps in the market today which works completely remotely, meaning you don’t need to have the target device or cell phone in your hand. It is fully legal and will not require you to tamper with a phone to get it to work. So, no need to root or jailbreak for proper functionality and this is an amazing app for cell phone location tracker.

One of the best things Spyier does is that it monitors and tracks the location of any modern Android or Apple phone easily. You can monitor via the GPS of the phone or the SIM location provided by the company. To top it all off, with stealth mode feature all your tracking is kept under wraps.

List of some of the best features of Spyier:

  • Monitor Text Messages
  • Track the location of a cell phone
  • View all call logs
  • See social media messages
  • Keylogger feature
  • Web browser history access

How to track a Phone location by number with Spyier

Step 1

The inaugural step is done by visiting the Spyier website. Simply create and register an account on the website by providing any details asked. Pay the amount the service asks from you to finish registration.

Top 10 Best Apps to a Track a Phone Location by Number

Step 2

  • For Apple iOS devices

The Setup process for iPhones and iOS is easier. You will only need to have the login details for the cloud storage account of the person you wish to track. Connect the cloud storage with your Spyier account.

Top 10 Best Apps to a Track a Phone Location by Number

  • For Android Devices

Android devices will need you to download a small file; Spyier will email you this file. Install it on the target phone manually. This cannot be done remotely by any service.

Top 10 Best Apps to a Track a Phone Location by Number

Step 3

Now that you have completed the two steps above, the process should now be complete. It will take a few minutes for the service to start running and show its results.

Top 10 Best Apps to a Track a Phone Location by Number

All that is left to do is monitor and track the location of a target device via its phone SIM number or even its GPS location. All results will be available on your Spyier account’s dashboard which you can monitor remotely from anywhere and any device.

Top 10 Best Apps to a Track a Phone Location by Number

2. Minspy

Minspy is the second product in our list and it is one of the more famous Spyware apps in the market. It has made a strong reputation for itself over the past few years. Even Android Authority has praised their services.

Top 10 Best Apps to a Track a Phone Location by Number

Location tracking and monitoring via phone number or GPS is just one of many things Minspy can do effectively. This is one of the reasons it is such a close competitor to the Spyier app.

Easily track a phone, Android or even Apple phones, remotely from your own account. Fantastic results and features make Minspy stand out in the very competitive tech market that is out there today.

3. Spyine

Spyine has started to pop up in various different places recently. They are becoming more famous day by day due to the service they have been able to provide.

Top 10 Best Apps to a Track a Phone Location by Number

Spyine will allow users to monitor and track cell phones of most modern devices. You will have to make an account and afterward use that account to satisfy any spying needs you might have.

Spyine is also legal and is available in most countries. Spyine will continue to make a great name for it if it keeps up the performance and results. A very good choice for anyone interested.

4. Spyic

Spyic is a famous spy service which has been around for a little while now. They constantly get praise from the likes of CNET and come in at number 4 on our list.

Top 10 Best Apps to a Track a Phone Location by Number

Spyic has always had a good number of features to go with its easy to use interface. One of such features is the coveted ability to spy on someone’s location. This can be done by tracking a cell phone which you link to your Spyic account.

It works on most Android and Apple devices. Spyic’s popularity in the tech world is an homage to its effectiveness. The service will not let you down in any way.

5. Neatspy

Neatspy is one of the rather older and most well-known apps of this kind. Neat spy has been around before there were this many such apps, and will probably continue to be here afterward.

This service has the most experience in this field and you can see that with their features, their online portal and even their results. Tracking a phone location by number is just one of many things that can be done with this service. You can even view call logs and track some social media activity.

Neatspy has great staying power in the spy industry; it has continued to amaze not only us but many other famous reviewers through its sheer commitment to excellence even after all these years.

6. ClickFree

ClickFree comes in at number 6 in our list for the best tracking apps. The service has enjoyed success of a more recent nature so it will be nice to see where they end in the coming few years.

ClickFree is another legal app which works remotely. It offers a good stable number of features for anyone to choose from. Tracking or monitoring a person via his or her cell phone is easily possible with the use of ClickFree.

You can even set up alerts for when the phone starts to move or any other kinds. ClickFree is a good enough service to make anyone’s top 10. It has a good number of features apart from Location access which makes it a suitable pick for our list.

7. Guestspy

Guestspy is another great app and it comes in at number 7 in our list. This is another good choice for those that want a rather tight knit number of features.

Guestspy can be downloaded and tried for free, not all such apps do this. With the use of guest spy you can track a cell phone location easily. Their service will also allow for other useful features when one subscribes to it such as listen to someone’s calls. Find a lost phone or catch a cheater easily.

Guestspy offers a free version which can be used to determine their quality and results. It is not a bad option for people that want answers.

8. Spyera

Spyera comes in next in our list. This is an award winning Spy service which has been around for a bit. Spyera is another great app or service; it also has a great number of features to go along with Location tracking.

The services will track location from the GPS location of a phone. Spyera also offers money back guarantees to people that are not satisfied with its services. Spyera is a cool service which will deliver results as expected and if it does not, you can get a refund.

9. Secureteen

Secureteen is the second last pick in our list and it is a software which has been marketed and promoted as a child monitor solution. Through the use of this service you can monitor the real time location of a child’s phone to keep them safe.

The entire tracking process is done in a way that you don’t interfere with them, while also receiving competent updates. Secureteen is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your kids and what they do online.

10. Spy to Mobile

The last product on our list is spy to mobile. It is a fairly unknown app with a lot of potential. Use the app to monitor your children, catch a cheater or even confront a lying employee. It will allow location tracking on most devices via their GPS.


We have listed many great picks for the best apps to track a phone location form. All of these apps will do you just fine but we believe that Spyier is the best app for such purposes right now. That is why we listed a Spyier review for it.

Now that you have many cell phone location tracker apps to choose from, your days of being in the shadow over your partner’s actions are over. You can get out of this cheater situation with your pride intact.

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