Balan Wonderworld Chapter 1 Trailer Released

Balan Wonderworld Chapter 1 Trailer Released: Balan Wonderworld is an upcoming platform game developed by Balan Company and Alzest, and is published by Square Enix. The game is officially scheduled for March 26. 2021 release for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStattion5, and Nintendo Switch. Now, month before the launch, Square Enix a treat for the weekend with its upcoming platformer trailer.

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Balan Wonderworld Chapter 1 Trailer Released


With the game, Square Enix announced a few months ago a square platform that will result from a collaboration with an old friend. Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about the creator of Sonic Yuji Naka. They will publish his new games together with the Japanese publisher. This current trailer has to be from the first chapter of the game which according to the official information, the story of the platformer will be composed in twelve chapters.

Peek through the curtains of BALAN WONDERWORLD for a glimpse at the first twelve different tales that will await our stars in Wonderworld. Meet Jose, a diligent farmer, and learn of his trials against the storm that kept away his life’s work

— Developers, Balan Wonderworld

According to the developer, Balan Wonderworld transports you into the world in which you can make use of over 80 outfits with which you are provided with versatile skills. These skills associated with the costumes range from the ability to swing yourself high in the air to attacks that can remove heavy obstacles from the world.

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Check-out the official trailer:

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