Apple might announce its iPhone 12 Launch event this week!

iPhone 12 Launch event: Apple usually launches its iPhone series of smartphones in the initial weeks of September, but due to the health concerns in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, it seems like they are running behind the schedule. Now, a new report from the Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suggest us that the Cupertino-based tech giant might unveil the launch date for its iPhone 12 lineup this week.

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A lot of people are in the confusion state-of-mind as previous reports by Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech has suggested that the company has scheduled a press release for 8th September at 9.00 PM ET. Before Jon has reported this, he also had said that the company will be launching the new iPad and Apple Watch devices on 7th September. However, the reports from Mark Gurman claims that Apple will not be announcing any hardware product but instead it will only announce the launch date through the press release.


Going by the previous launches, the company usually holds the launch event about after two weeks or so. Going by this, Apple could probably launch the iPhone 12 series of devices on September 22, if it sends out the press release and invites on 8th September. Although the device will be launched in the coming weeks, the availability has been pushed. It also has been reported that the pre-booking for the series would start around mid-October and the company will start shipping by the end of October.

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One more thing to note here is that not all the iPhone 12 models will go on a sale together. It has been reported that the Pro variants could go on sale in the month of November. So given all this, we can probably get our hands on the latest iPhones only after two months, at least in India.

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