Apex Legends Leaf Code Error Stopgap Measure

When it comes to Battle Royale games, Apex Legends is one of the few popular names that pops up in mind. The game got nothing less than an overnight success with nearly a million players just in 8 hours. And in a month the game reached over 50 million players.

As the number of players increased, a very common error was detected by the gamers named the Leaf Code error. Leaf Code error is nothing but the issue we come across while trying to connect the players to the match and the match gets saturated with players. At this time the player trying to connect will get stuck on a loop and then reset pre-patch will happen. The users are taken back to the home screen.


Now that turns out to be very frustrating. Imagine you are playing a game and suddenly you are taken back to the home screen and cannot play the game! Many users have complained that they receive 99% of their code- Leaf and Code: net at match start and when they press the Ready button, a black screen appears followed by an error code.

Apex Legends Code Leaf Error

Many have also complained that they do not get to see the legend selection. The ‘CODE: NET or CODE: LEAF errors occur even before the ready and also at the time of playing the game or at times, in the end. This constant issue has been frustrating the players so much that any of them are about to quit the game.

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Apex Legends Code Leaf Error

Earlier the game, when it had become remarkably famous, it also has received great criticism for not providing regular updates. However, this issue was solved by the developers of the game and soon at the start of July, Apex Legends Season 2 was launched.

But when it comes to the Leaf Code error, there haven’t been many tries by the game community. The Apex Legends Team has been trying to fix the error code, as a result of which we have a short wor

Apex Legends Code Leaf Error

Apex Legends Code Leaf ErrorApex Legends Code Leaf Error

How to Fix Apex Legends Leaf Code Error Stopgap Measure

Step 1. Check whether there is a firmware update by logging in to the Router’s Admin Panel.

Step 2. If you do not know how to login to the Router’s Admin Panel, you can take help of the router itself where it is available.

Step 3. Set the DNS on a console to Google manually.

Step 4. Try basic connection troubleshooting steps from the official website of Apex Legends.

Step 5. You can also try port forward through the addition of port listings for Apex Legends through the settings of your router.

Step 6. Try enabling the bridge mode on your router.

Hopefully, the above temporary measure will help you. Stay tuned for the updates!

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