Android Auto support expands to Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Sweden

Google’s Android Auto has been steadily gaining ground with car manufacturers. Android Auto, in its recent development has extended its support in four new countries.

Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden joined Android Auto’s list today.

The list is expanding however given the sheer amount of cars that now support Android Auto, it is surprising to know that the in-car software is still not actually supported everywhere. In total, there are 40 countries including today’s addition where Android Auto is officially providing its support. Four countries were also added last year by the Auto app. Those were Philippines, Singapore, South Africa and Taiwan.

Android Auto lets you access smartphone apps and functions directly from your car’s dashboard. Besides giving you an overview of what’s happening on your phone, it also let you access Maps, control music, make phone calls, send or receive messages, and access a variety of compatible apps, including Pandora, Skype and Spotify.

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