Android 11 Brings “Nearby Sharing” similar to Apple’s AirDrop; Here’s how you can enable it

In this article, we are sharing with you all how you can enable Nearby Sharing on Android and thus directly drop photos, files, links, videos, and much more onto another Android device wirelessly.

Google is all set to bring on the best features with its latest Android 11. As of now, Android 11 Developer Preview 2 is available for All Pixel devices, OnePlus 8 Series, and will be dropped any time soon for Redmi Note 9S.

Google has made the Android 11 Developer Preview 2 available for all App and Software Developers and OEM Manufacturers ahead of its estimated date so that they can collect the AOSP 11 Sources for developing their apps and software compatible with Android 11.

Android 11 has brought along some really amazing features, just as always. We get Platform Stability, Newer Privacy Settings, app permissions, Bubbles, and a lot more. But of them all, one feature is very similar to Apple’s Airdrop feature.


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For those who do not know, Apple Airdrop feature, it basically lets you quickly and easily transfer files between iPhones, iPads, and Macs over WiFi connection or Bluetooth. It’s an easy and fast way of sharing or transferring files between two devices.

So basically, Android’s Nearby Sharing Feature lets you share various files, media, audio, etc. From your Android device to other devices via Wifi or Bluetooth. The devices, thus, will have to be closer to each other.

Here’s a screenshot of what the Nearby Sharing feature looks like –


The feature is pretty simple. To start sharing files, you have to tap on the Turn On button. To cancel it you can either click on the Cancel button or the X at the top left corner.

You can share the files to all the contacts they are nearby or particularly select as many as you want. You can either share via WiFi for larger files or mobile data for small files or simply Over offline mode.

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Now that you know what the Nearby Sharing Feature is, here is how you can enable nearby Sharing on Android-

How to Enable Nearby Sharing on Android?

Google is testing the nascent Nearby Sharing feature on Android via Google Play Services. So, to use this feature, you will have to enroll first for the Google Play Services Beta program. Then this feature will be available on your device.

Enrolling for the Google Services Beta program has its own perks. It might seem unnecessary for some. But trust me, once you have signed up for the Beta Program, you might receive more future features before many people.

  • Sign Up for Google Play Services beta Program.
  • you will now receive an update of Google Play Services on your device. Or simply update from here.
  • After you have updated the app, simply go to a file and start sharing it.
  • You will now see a Share Sheet. 
  • Tap on the Nearby Sharing option.
  • Soon all the devices present nearby will be shown.
  • Select the one to which you want to share your files.

That was how easy it was to enable Nearby Sharing on Android. You can also customize the name, visibility, and which method you want to use for file transfer like – Mobile data, Wi-Fi, or always share offline.

I hope you have all found the article of use and are sharing files and photos and lot more between various devices from your android 11 device.

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Do share your experiences with us about Android 11 in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear from you!

Happy Androiding:-)

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