Android 11 Beta 2 Screen Flickering Issue to be addressed soon

The latest Android 11 Beta 2 Update was released for all Pixel phones including Pixel 3, Pixel 4 series devices. But users have reported Android 11 screen flickering issue, which is soon going to be addressed by Google. 

Very recently, the Android 11 Beta 2 was released for Pixel devices. This latest beta build of Developer preview brought along Platform Stability, capture Device Audio w Screen Recording. There were also numerous Launch rumors going around which we have cleared Here.

There has been a lot of information floating around the Pixel devices lately. About the renders of the Leaked Google Pixel 5 XL that show Dual Camera Setup and Punch Hole Display. Another piece of information has just come rolling out. This is about the update of Android 11 beta 2 to the pixel devices.

The software had gone live recently for the users. And we’re coming close to its release which will be hopefully in a couple of months.


Basically, the reason for the beta testing is being done is so that the users can detect and correct any bugs that might be on the device before it gets released and is open for the masses.

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So far as Android 11 beta users are concerned, they are doing an amazingly fine job. However, for Beta 2 build of Android 11 screen flickering bug that has been there and can be traced back to the developer days has been discovered and is doing rounds right now.

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL had an annoying display flickering issue for a long time, this issue basically arose from switching between 60Hz and 90Hz display refresh rate setting.

It’s been observed that this issue is still persistent in the Android 11 beta 2 handset. Moreover, users have said that this is not it, that things have gone even worse now that they cannot force 90Hz.

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Back then when it popped up for the first time, users had an option to force 90Hz in the developer options that kind of fixed the problem for a while. But now in Android 11 beta 2, they do not even have that option let alone the problem being fixed, once and for all. And this has left many users quite unhappy.

With the option to force 90Hz now gone, the users who have already installed the Android 11 beta 2 on their pixel 4 devices, might need to live with the issue for a while, it seems.

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But don’t worry distressed because Dave Burke – Android VP of engineering, has finally said something on the matter.

According to his tweet, about the issue, Google has already tracked it through the issue tracker and has even fixed it internally. All they are waiting for is some time to roll it out in the public within the next two weeks. Well, that should be some good news.

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We cannot help but think if this means that the Android 11 beta 3 will be out soon. But whatever it is, for now, we are only waiting for the Android 11 screen flickering bug fixing update.

So yes, let’s hang in there.

Happy Androiding:-)

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