Android 11 Beta 2 on Pixel devices brings Platform Stability, capture Device Audio w Screen Recording; Launch rumors busted{Downloads Inside}

Recently Google released the Android 11 Beta 2 Program for Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 series devices. The beta update has brought performance stability and support for capturing device audio while  recording the screen.  

Consequently rumors about Google releasing Android 11 on September 8 have been cleared. 

Google is always a step ahead. While most of the OEMs are still busy rolling out Android 10 updates for their flagship phones, Google has already started the Android 11 Developer program. The program originally began in February 2020.

Google had released this Developer Preview program earlier than always as it wanted to give developers the time to make their apps and software compatible with the new Android OS. However, just like everything else was, thr Global Pandemic affected this too and hence the delay.

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Is Google releasing Android 11 on September 8?

Due to the currently prevailing Covid-19 Crisis all over the world, Google had held its ‘Hey Google Smart Home Summit’ yesterday. In this virtual summit, in a presentation providing a checklist for vendors, a title is seen – “September 8th Android 11 launch.


This has given a hint towards the launch of Android 11 to Pixel devices on September 8 2020. We too thought that No wonder with the Stable Beta Updates that Google is releasing in Pixel phones, the latest A OS version might be on it’s way.

However, Google has confirmed that the slide was a mistake and no launch date is fixed as of now.

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Download Android 11 OTA Update on Pixel devices

Early birds can download the Latest OS Beta 2 update on Pixel devices from here-

ANDROID 11 Beta 2 Brings Platform Stability and Device Audio Capturing Support while Screen Recording

This very “Launch date” slide also had the information on Integration of Smart Hone controls with the power menu on Android 11. Thus, letting users easily access and interact with different smart home devices connected to Google Home.

In the month of June, The first beta program of Developer Preview for the latest OS was released Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 series phones. And just in a month, now the same phones are receiving the Android 11 Beta 2 Build.

Android 11 Beta 2 on Pixel devices brings Platform Stability, capture Device Audio w Screen Recording; Launch rumors busted{Downloads Inside}

The Android 11 has by far brought along some of the really amazing features in the beta builds like Scoped Storage feature which was removed from Android 10, notification enhancements, new APIs for displays with different types of notches, text bubblesimproved privacy permissions and features, and so on.

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Device Audio Capturing support while Recording Screen

Capturing Device Audio while recording screen is an important feature that Android 11 brought right in the Beta 1 build. However, Google seems to have successfully polished it by giving users the option to choose the device audio directly from quick Settings.

Android users can now record device audio as well during a screen recording from any of the three –

  1. Microphone
  2. Internal device audio
  3. Both internal audio and microphone

Platform Stability

Platform Stability is a new termed coin by Google where all the app-facing surfaces and behaviors are now final. Basically Google has encouraged developers to start final compatibility testing since there will be no changes made now in the OS. This could be a hint that we can expect Android 11 soon.

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Except for the launch part, everything else is true about Android 11 as of now. Google has confirmed that the launch data slide was not true and no date of the launch is out yet. However, we definitely are expecting Android 11 in the Q3 of 2020.

So after going through all the amazing features, we can only hope that Google brings the Android 11 launch as soon as possible.

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