Among US Update (October 2020 Patch): All you need to know

Among Us Update: In this article, we are sharing with you all the Changelog and new features of Among US Update October 2020 Patch. 

If you are here, you might already know about the amazing game Among US and all the popularity it is gaining. But if you don’t know all about it yet, check Among Us Review to know about the game.

Among Us is one of the most popular games out there right now and you can tell it by the amount of memes its generating. It is undeniable that the Pandemic has hit us all pretty well to some extent and that people are craving the usual social lives.

This void is what Among us is filling up. And since the game is becoming more popular with the coming day, it is certain that developers of the Game are trying optimizing the game to its best.

The latest updates in the game are already available on the beta PC version for free but are yet to be released in stable form for iOS and Android users.

Among US Update (October 2020 Patch): All you need to know

Here’s a sneak peek into the latest Among Us October 2020 Update about which optimizations it brings to the game.

Among US Update (October 2020 Patch): All you need to know

The Among Us October 2020 Latest Patch Update will include a few major changes which are as follows –

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Hide Task Bar

The new Among Us October 2020 update will bring the option for players to Hide taskbar. This will indeed turn out to be thrilling as players won’t be able to see if the Imposter is taking a task.

The host of the game will have to hide the taskbar only before the game starts and he can either hide it completely or refresh taskbar only at the time of crew meetings.

Anonymous Voting

Another great addition of the update is Anonymous Voting. As can be deduced by the term, this feature will hide who is voting out whom. Players won’t be able to see which other player voted whom as the imposter.

The feature will overall increase the attentiveness of the players during the game. Players will see only the results of the vote and they still won’t be able to see who skipped the voting.

Colorblind Mode Support

This is yet another great feature of the latest update of Among Us. Colorblind Mode Support, as one can guess by the name will be helpful for Colorblind players.

This mode will be most helpful in the fixing wires stage, where players are required to fix colored wires. These cable wires will have icons on them so Colorblind Players can easily fix wires using the icons.

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The Colorblind Mode Support can be activated from Settings > Graphics. Once the October 2020 paych hits Among us.

That’s all we have for now. Certainly there could be more to the Update than the above features and this will only time tell! Stay tuned!

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