Among Us Maps – An Ultimate Guide

Among Us Maps: Among Us is one of the highest-rated and finest free-to-play games available on the Store. If you and your friends are hanging out with smartphones then that will turn into a party of its own. The game is a place where the worlds worst detectives and most cunning liars are given their chance to shine.

If you are a digging the game and need to brush up on your Among Us map knowledge, this guide is for you. Currently, there are three maps which you can round and complete the tasks. It is worth noting that even as a crewmate, it is very important to know various locations as well as the essential points in the map that will give you an advantage. With that said, let us quickly take a look at Among Us Maps

Among Us Maps – An Ultimate Guide

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As mentioned earlier, there are three maps in total. The names of these maps are The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus. There was also an announcement about two new maps being cancelled. Do note that it is confirmed that more content will be coming to the existing game.

1. The Skeld – Among Us Maps guide

The Skeld is one of the most popular and elegant maps among the other two maps. The Skeld is the spaceship map and it is only available on the game from the beginning of the game. There are 14 rooms here out of which two are the large ones and are located in the middle. The six smaller ones are located in the east and west side of the map. All these rooms are connected by corridors.

The Skeld is easy to navigate and there are only two corridors here that will take you from the left side to the right. To navigate from the top to bottom, there are three corridors. As for the tasks, there are five visual tasks here resulting in the odds of winning on the Skeld are better for crewmates.

2. Mira HQ

This is the office map and the smallest of all with 12 rooms. There is no clear structure here with various sizes. The main thing here is to look out for a single vent system and some isolated and sabotage locations and the door log. The Mira HQ’s structure as mentioned is complex and a few rooms are very close to each other.

The vents in Mira HQ are equally scattered and only the area around communications has fewer vents. The difference with other maps and a great advantages for impostors. The only visual task here is the scan in MedBay.

3. Polus

Polus is one of the large and snowy planets with 15 rooms. The map is large and also features a large and open space in middle. In certain places the imposters can escape in any direction after doing something like this. The two areas on the east and west side are connected by corridors and rooms. The middle part is a loose room. As for the vents, there are none here. You can just find a few holes and the Polus has two visual tasks which include a scan and an asteroid shooter.

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