Among Us Cheats that Annoy every player

Among Us Cheats: Among Us is one of the highest-rated and finest free-to-play games available on the Store. If you and your friends are hanging out with smartphones then that will turn into a party of its own. The game is a place where the worlds worst detectives and most cunning liars are given their chance to shine.

When the games are competitive it is really easy to fall into the trap of cheating to win. Some of the cheats in Among us are very troubling for the other players as the cheaters take away all the fun. In this article we are going to discuss about three such Among Us cheats that annoy every players.

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1. Among Us Cheats that Can Spot the Impostor

This is one of the most common cheats found across the game. This guide will allow the player to see who is playing the game as an imposter. If you play the game quite often even as a crewmate this is a buzz kill. If you play the game often and as an imposter, you might have spotted these cheaters. If you have pointed out as an imposter, even though you haven’t done anything, well it means that someone is cheating.

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2. Among Us Cheats Kill without Cooldown

The next cheat which we are going to discuss is No Cooldown Kill where the imposter to kill without having any cooldown and just like the previous cheat, this is also very annoying. If the imposter use this cheat, he can kill multiple crewmates in no time and this leads to a quick win for imposter.

3. Among Us Cheats Kill that can Kill from Distance

Using this cheat, cheaters can make the kills from the distance and the imposter has a certain range to able to execute a crewmate but using this cheat you can kill from distance.

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