A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use Online Video Editors To Your Advantage

Looking at video editors and how they work can be a rather daunting process. The whole procedure seems complex, especially if you are someone who is not used to using them. But in reality, it is a very elaborate and easy-to-follow process that gets work done quickly.  

All online editors follow a basic concept and help you learn how to edit videos for YouTube.

If this still seems strange, do not worry since we have a step-by-step guide on how you can use these editors to your advantage and nail your next video production. 

1. Select a template 

The best part about using an online video editor is that it comes with a ton of options where you can directly get to your core work rather than first putting a lot of time in making the base and intro of the video.  

These come with readymade templates that are customizable and editable as per your convenience. Click here for more info regarding this.

Depending on the theme of your video, you can select a template accordingly from the range of options available. Right from wedding invitations to office presentations, parties, or short videos, everything is available here. Online websites like these even have format-specific templates.

For example, if you want to make a youtube video or an Instagram story, the templates are already cut out in those specific formats to make your job easier. Not only does this save time, but makes your work very efficient. 

2. Upload your video 

After your template is ready, since it can be tweaked a bit, you can start by first putting in your main video along with this template. It will give your ordinary video a bit of a lift and enhance it visually. You can upload the video directly and start editing it further right there.  

The best part about this is that the combination of a template-like frame and your actual video content might go together extremely well and one might not even be able to figure out that a pre-set template is being used.

 3. Add images and text 

Why make your video monotonous and boring with only one format throughout when you can make it much more quirky? Adding infographics or images in your video can take it to the next level if you can manage to nail the transition between images and videos. Adding images also help contextualize your video better, just like text.  

While adding text is a good option, you need to do this with extreme caution. Make sure your text content is not very overbearing since it takes attention away from visuals. Keeping a keen eye and being on the lookout for the right typeface is also important. Try and have text only as bullet points, something that addresses only the most important points, and no unnecessary detail.  

4. Experiment with sound 

The next step is sound. When using a movie maker such as VideoCreek, you will be amazed by how much can be done to make a single video better. After you are done with images and text, you can also try exploring different background scores or audios that will go with your video. This can be in the form of light music or defining audio that sets the tone of your video.  

Other than that, if you have the freedom to explore more, you can always go for voice-overs. Having voiceovers takes the pressure off text content majorly. Most of your information can then be conveyed using this and text can be less than one line per slide. It also gives your video a good edge where visual content is supplemented with a detailed explanation in the background. 

5. Dabble in effects 

These are some of the extra touches you give to your video to make it look even better. While this is not a compulsion, if having effects and enhancers suits your requirement, it is highly recommended. Besides, it’s not even that big of a task to incorporate these in your videos.

All you need to do is select an appropriate effect, just like you selected a template. Do not worry about your content looking similar to other videos since the plethora of options available here will ensure that that never happens. Even within these effects and enhancers, you can find more options. 

Along with this, using emojis, GIFs, or stickers for comical effect also works for a lot of content creators and keeps their videos engaging. You only need to keep in mind that it suits the type of video you are making, and if it does, nothing like it! 

6. Keep it concise 

It is of utmost importance to understand the platform for which you are making the video before actually sitting to edit it. For example, IGTV on Instagram and the general videos on Facebook are meant for long-form whereas Reels and one-minute Instagram videos specialize in short-form. 

You cannot exceed this time limit and knowing how much short-form videos work, it is essential to establish beforehand what your video aims to do. If you are going for more views and mass appeal, keep your videos as crisp as possible. But if you want to cater to a certain audience of a specific niche, you can opt for long-form too. In general, the current trend is to make short videos, so keep that in mind before actually sitting to edit. 

7. Make some final edits 

This here is the most crucial part of your video editing, and the very last too. After you have incorporated a bunch of elements like sound, effects, text, etc., you need to ensure that everything is in place.  

While checking your video, you might also find that there are more shots that you can let go of to make your video better and crisp. All of this can be figured out in the latest steps and edited in the end to refine your video better. After this, you need to save your work and simply download it on your device, and there you have it! Your very own masterpiece! 


Online websites make it very easy for users to edit and create videos and they have a number of free features too. Despite this, if you are a regular user and are sure you are well-adjusted to this process, you can always consider going for a premium or paid version.  

It not only has a lot of extra features like removing watermarks but also comes with many advantages that can be helpful for a professional video editor. It is an investment that cannot go futile but only helps in honing your skills better.

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