4 Effective Cell Phone Trackers for Beginners

Are you looking for an efficient tracker that does not require you to be a tech geek for using it? You have landed on the right page as you do not need to test and try multiple applications in the quest of the right one. There is no need to spend hours reviewing cell phone trackers anymore as we have done it for you.

There must be a logical motive behind tracking someone’s phone. Either you are a parent and worried why your kids hang out a lot or you must be a stressful wife worried about increasing business trips of your husband. You will get reliable solutions here to ease your worries by tracking them 24*7


  • Minspy- The #1 Cell Phone Tracker


Minspy is the finest phones number tracker in the market especially for novices who do not know much about the latest technology. Not everyone is equipped with the latest tools thus they are unfamiliar with tips and tricks of using them. Minspy is designed to help people easily track and save their loved ones.

4 Effective Cell Phone Trackers for Beginners

Being recognized by top-notch media platforms including Android Authority, Top 10 Reviews, New York Times, Forbes, PC World, and CNET, Minspy is leading the market of cell phone trackers with its fully functional services. Reasons, why someone would want to track a cell phone location, include:

  • Parents want to track their kids so that they can save them from getting into any trouble
  • People in a relationship want to monitor each other’s activities to get proof for their suspicions 
  • Employers want to keep an eye on their workforce to check whether they are engaged in their office task or hanging out with other colleges


Is Minspy a Reliable Location Tracker?

Minspy has won the hearts of a million users by providing efficient services as you can also visit Minspy page to see how it works to satisfy user requirements in the best possible way. There is no need to carry out credit card verification for using Minspy as it welcomes new users with free Signup. 

The fully functional features of Minspy are highly efficient in providing users the services they have been looking for. They just need to register for a new account, select a subscription package depending upon the number of devices they want to monitor, install Minspy on the target device and they are done with the steps.

Minspy offers users a highly professional experience as it makes them a pro cell phone tracker in no time. Its stealth working mechanism is acknowledged by users from more than 190 countries. There is no need to be worried about being caught as Minspy will keep your identity confidential thus ensuring privacy.

4 Effective Cell Phone Trackers for Beginners

What do Minspy offers for Cell Phone Tracking?

The list of Minspy features goes long as it is providing users 35+ 100% working features to resolve their spy worries in the best possible way. To date, there is nothing Minspy cannot do in terms of spying over someone’s mobile phone. Here is a quick look into the spying features Minspy provides:


  • Real-Time Location Tracking


Tracking someone on Google Maps is not a big deal when using Minspy. Users are not required to touch the target device for turning on the location as Minspy does it remotely. Open the Minspy dashboard and you can check the live location of the target device without touching their cell phone at all.

4 Effective Cell Phone Trackers for Beginners

  • Geo-Fence Alerts

Minspy has introduced geo-fence notifications to help users make a virtual boundary around the targeted cell phone. Mark points on Google Maps to make a borderline for the device where Minspy is installed. When the user enters or leaves the boundary, automated alerts would notify you to track them.

4 Effective Cell Phone Trackers for Beginners

Minspy for Android Cell Phone Tracking

You need to touch the targeted Android phone at least once as Minspy requires users to follow installation steps prior to using it. Android smartphones do not offer remote installation thus you have to keep the target cell phone in your hand for installing Minspy. 

Minspy takes 2MB storage space thus goes unnoticed by the users. There is no need to keep the device in your hands for hours as Minspy only takes 5 minutes for installation. Once installed, you can hide its logo from the app bar whereas the phone owner can never check whether it is installed on his devices or not.


How to use Minspy for tracking iPhones?

Using Minspy on iPhones is a cup of tea for beginners. All you have to do is use iCloud credentials of targeted iOS, install Minspy remotely, wait for a while and allow Minspy to synchronize the data from iCloud to your Minspy dashboard. After a successful installation, you can track anyone’s iPhones remotely.

4 Effective Cell Phone Trackers for Beginners

Minspy also offers remote uninstallation for iOS devices. Whether you are a novice or have basic spying skills, you will always find Minspy helpful to deal with any kind of spying activity. There is no need to follow someone’s phone steps as Minspy does the job secretly yet in an easier way. 


  • Spyier


Spyier comes after in the list of best stealth cell phone tracking apps. No need to be in the proximity of the target device as Spyier is an online, web-based cell phone tracking solution. Spyier dashboards could be accessed from any internet-capable device to track the targeted device on the go.

4 Effective Cell Phone Trackers for Beginners


  • Spyine 


Spyine relieves users from touching someone’s mobile phone now and then as it increases the risk of being suspected. Spyine dashboard is a control panel to check target device activities round the clock. It offers a remote-tracking facility for all kinds of operating systems.

4 Effective Cell Phone Trackers for Beginners


  • Spyic


Spyic comes up with a user-friendly cell phone tracking tool that provides users the facility to track anyone’s real-time GPS location over the internet. It serves the needs of spy agents by tracking someone’s cell phone round the clock from the online dashboard which could be accessed anywhere, anytime.

4 Effective Cell Phone Trackers for Beginners


Minspy is a root-free solution that helps users to keep an eye on their loved ones round the clock without being caught. Applications mentioned in this article are highly efficient to track cell phones without getting the user in trouble. Now anyone can step into the world of tracking cell phones secretly without any fear of being a beginner with no skills. 


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